“Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not.” (Beisser, 1970)

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Are You Disappointed?

Last couple of weeks have been filled with disappointment.
Disappointment is like a void, like a feeling I have been robbed of something. The knowledge that it is not going to be the way I would have liked it to be on one hand, coupled with wondering what it could be like if only things happened differently.
Disappointment takes away the energy from life. When I am disappointed in something I am preoccupied with the past, neglecting the present moment. When I am immersed in the fantasy of what could be, what should be or what if, I am not grounded in reality and therefore I open myself up for disappointment.
Expectations are the main cause of disappointment. You can't always get what you want. Therefore is not wanting things a way not to be disappointed?
It’s not about not aiming high or not trying to improve myself. It’s about understanding reality and working with what I can achieve at any given time, in here and now.
Don't expect more than life can give you. Adapt to life as it happens. Don't have a grand plan because if you think about all of the grand plans you had before, did they ever go the way you expected?
Doing your best in this moment means that you care about it. When you are going to bed if you can say that you have done your very best at this or that then there is no need for disappointment. It does not matter if you achieved anything that day, as long as you have done your very best this is a success in itself.

Is that thing you are disappointed about really worth being disappointed about? Does it really give meaning to your life? The meaning of life is not the fulfillment of the expectation but the unexpected.

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